Milliners/Straw Needles Tulip No. 10

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Milliners/Straw #10 Needles from Tulip Hiroshima Needles are very well suited for applique requirements. Hiroshima Needles are renowned for meticulously crafting of some of the finest hand-sewing needles in the world.
These steel Milliners Needles—also known as Straw Needles—are exceptionally sturdy.
Thickness — 00.46mm
Length      — 40.50mm
Quantity    — 6 Needles


Tulip Hiroshima Needles are specifically designed and suited to applique, quilt basting, sashiko projects, and general sewing needs*

For some more insight into why we esteem Hiroshima Needles so highly, we recommend having a quick read of their blog.


*Needles should be used for sewing purposes only.

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Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 cm


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