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Clover Thread Cutter Pendant
Perfect for Air Travel when you want to take your Sashiko to sew on the Plane. Just prepare your thr..
D Ring Antique
D-Ring Antique - 2cm..
D Ring Silver
D-Ring Silver - 2  cm..
Loew Cornell -  2 Colour Pack
Sashiko Tracing Paper - Pack of 4 Sheets - 2 Grey for transferring a design onto light fabrics and 2..
Loew Cornell Tracing 2
Sashiko Tracing Paper - 1 large sheet  -  18" x 36" each - Ideal for tracing that large Sa..
Loew Cornell Tracing 4
Sashiko Design Transfer Paper  -  A Premium Chalk Tracing Paper - leaves a very distinct c..
Magnetic Closure - Antique
Magnetic Closure - Antique - 1.5cm  - ideal for bag closing..
Magnetic Closure - Silver
Magnetic Closure - Silver - 1.5cm..
Mylar - Heat Resistant Templastic
Mylar is the perfect tool to produce a very defined outline for applique - Pack of 5 - White only..
Olympus Sashiko Needles
Sashiko Needles - Pack of two in differing sizes - Specifically designed for Sashiko - Product of Ja..
Roxanne Mini Glue-Baste-It
15ml bottle - Tampered tip for ultra fine work - 100% Soluble, dries clear in minutes - Holds firmly..
Sewline Ceramic Fabric Pencil
Lines are easily removed from fabric with the special Sewline Eraser or removed by dabbing with a da..
Sewline Fabric Glue Pen
No more fiddling with pins and sewing around them - Just run the sewline glue pen along the fabric e..
Swivel Toggle Silver
Silver Toggle/Swivel - 4.5cm in length - ideal for bags..
Antique Bronze Toggle/Swivel - 4.5cm in length - ideal for bags..