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I started doing a Sashiko Panel two years ago after about a dozen of my friends in my Craft Group decided to put in a bulk order from an advertisement in a magazine.  We enjoyed working together and planning what we would make.I became so keen on Sashiko work that I bought a new sashiko panel that became available at a Craft Show in Brisane.  My daughter decided she would like a Queen Size bedspread using my work.I could not visualise how to best use my work in one quilt.  I started adding fabrics as best I could, but I became increasingly frustrated by my results.  It simply could not be done successfully, or so I thought.   My son-in-law suggested a double sided quilt with one panel on each side – a reversible quilt.  I had doubts.Then I heard of the Sashiko and Fabric Workshops coming to town.  These ladies are marvellous.  The impossible became possible.  They advised me immediately with a “Can Do” attitude. I love the result, and everyone else does too. Best value for money that I have ever had