• I have just completed a sashiko table cloth for my balcony table… and I absolutely love the result. One of my favourite sashiko motifs is Shippo-tsunagi, or Seven Treasures. I’ve used it in a number of my designs in a variety of different ways. My table cloth uses a variation on the above design. I […]

  • boro japanese textile

    The raw simplicity and functional beauty of the boro artform is something that I’ve adored for some time. I get a lot of questions about its origins, practice, and what constitutes authenticity, so hopefully this will answer some of them. What is Boro? Boro is essentially the practice of using a simple running stitch (a […]

  • Sashiko — An Appreciation I have been fascinated by the beautiful art-form of Sashiko for more than two decades, conducting workshops and featuring its motifs in a wide variety of my projects, from quilts to noren panels to tote bags.   Sadly it’s all too easy in the West to be unaware of the rich […]

  • Lola Girl Sashiko table runner

    I had an absolutely amazing time tutoring on the 2018 Needle Works cruise. The whole experience perfectly combined holiday relaxation and creative abundance. It was wonderful to be able to look up from our work to see the stunning blue ocean or gorgeous beaches. We set sail from Sydney on the 21st of April for […]

  • sashiko and boro stitching

    As you may be aware, we made the decision last year to close our retail premises. This caused many of our loyal customers to wonder about the future of the Indigo Niche brand heading into 2018, not to mention our product availability. Here’s what you need to know. We now sell exclusively online. I will […]

  • The Lola Girl sashiko panel is one of my favourite designs. With its interesting take on the traditional Seven Treasures motif, it got me thinking about how it would look as a runner for my dining room table. After completing the sashiko stitching, I chose a suitable Japanese backing fabric to subtly contrast the design. […]

  • We’re so very proud to be hosting an exhibition of Sashiko and Boro work by Keiko Futatsuya. It will be happening at the Indigo Niche stand —Stand A11— at the upcoming Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair, November 3rd to 6th. Along with her company, Keiko Futatsuya works out of the little town of Takayama, […]

  • We recently got in touch with our friend Jane Postle to check out some of her locally-made Shibori. Shibori has never been too far from our thoughts. During our travels through Japan earlier this year, we were very impressed by the Arimatsu Shibori Kaikan, a Shibori museum in Arimatsu, Nagoya. Nowhere else in Japan is there such a central […]

  • After the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair wrapped up, I jotted down some highlights from a wonderful hand-sewing retreat that we hosted in March. We only wish that we could hold events like this more often! The previous retreat that we’d held at Mt Tamborine was with sashiko/applique artist Sylvia Pippen in 2011, so this […]

  • In late January we embarked on one of our semi-regular visits to Japan. We like to be exposed to the true cultural roots of our chosen craft as much as we can, and to pick up bits of inspiration for our designs along the way. This year’s trip was motivated by a need to recharge our batteries […]


Indigo Niche was formed in 2009 by sisters Colleen Shepherd and Sue Howie out of their passion for Japanese textiles and sashiko stitching. What drives the Indigo Niche brand is a passion for Japanese textiles and the gentle art of Sashiko, as well as teaching and promoting our love of Sashiko to all who visit our workshop. We are proud to design many of the Sashiko Products on offer at the workshop.

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