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What Are Sashiko Needles?

One of the most important components of sashiko stitching is the needle, and it should come as no surprise that there are needles manufactured specifically for […]

Making A Lovely Sashiko Table Cloth

I have just completed a sashiko table cloth for my balcony table… and I absolutely love the result. One of my favourite sashiko motifs is Shippo-tsunagi, […]

Boro Stitching – An Introduction

What is Boro Stitching? The raw simplicity and functional beauty of the boro artform is something that I’ve adored for some time. I get a lot […]

Sashiko — Origins and Designs

Sashiko — An Appreciation I have been fascinated by the beautiful art-form of Sashiko for more than two decades, conducting workshops and featuring its embroidery patterns […]


  • Robyn
    What a lovely two days! Thank you both for your generosity of time, tuition and company, it was greatly appreciated. Will see you at the quilt show – if not before.  Now onto that boro piece for more creative compositions!
  • Julia C.
    Just want to thank you nice ladies for organising 4 days of such a rewarding workshop  - I felt most inspired when I left and confident to move on with new techniques in my sewing repertoire. Please keep me in the loop for all further workshops, retreats etc.
    Julia C.
    Trio of Techniques Retreat
  • Sue G
    I would just like to thank you again for all your help at the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Show.  I appreciate so very much being able to get the Firefly Fabric so I can finish a quilt I am doing for a friend for Christmas!!!!  You were both so friendly and helpful to my sister and I, we live in an area where it is difficult to get supplies without travelling a long way and to get that fabric meant a lot to me........even more so that you cut into a kit!!!!! I hope you didn't regret doing that by the end of the show!!!! You had a fabulous stand at the show and I hope you had a very successful few days ...  we will definately see you again next year and we have your card if we need anything in the mean time.  We thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to the Brisbane show  -  it was great! Many thanks and best wishes
    Sue G
  • Lesli M
    I've experienced the joy of joining previous retreats organised by the girls at Indigo Niche. Tamborine Mountain 2011 and Hawaii 2013.  Every little details is organised so you can just go and sew 'til your heart's content.  The tutors Margaret Olive (Patchwork Paradise), Cathy Schibrowski (Swandale Quilting), Sue Howie and Colleen Shepherd (Indigo Niche) are excellent teachers who are very passionate about their crafts and this creativity flows onto their students -  you will definately be leaving with some new skills. Tamborine is a beautiful place to stay and the food is glorious... it's very hard to leave... I am sure you will return there again. I look forward to meeting some of the new ladies and catching up with some old friends.. looking forward to the adventure in March 2015
    Lesli M
  • Ursula Thomas
    I started doing a Sashiko Panel two years ago after about a dozen of my friends in my Craft Group decided to put in a bulk order from an advertisement in a magazine.  We enjoyed working together and planning what we would make.I became so keen on Sashiko work that I bought a new sashiko panel that became available at a Craft Show in Brisane.  My daughter decided she would like a Queen Size bedspread using my work.I could not visualise how to best use my work in one quilt.  I started adding fabrics as best I could, but I became increasingly frustrated by my results.  It simply could not be done successfully, or so I thought.   My son-in-law suggested a double sided quilt with one panel on each side - a reversible quilt.  I had doubts.Then I heard of the Sashiko and Fabric Workshops coming to town.  These ladies are marvellous.  The impossible became possible.  They advised me immediately with a "Can Do" attitude. I love the result, and everyone else does too. Best value for money that I have ever had
    Ursula Thomas
    North Rockhampton
  • Cathy - Sylvia Pippen
    You are both heros!!!!  What a brilliant retreat on Mount Tamborine .... Thank you - I thoroughly enjoyed everything.  I didn't want it to finish.  Sylvia was such a interesting tutor and now I have the juices flowing again!!! Hope you have fun in Japan.  Keep in Touch.
    Cathy - Sylvia Pippen
    Indigo Niche Tamborine Mountain Retreat October 2011
  • Lesli - Sylvia Pippen
    I just wanted to thank you for the most amazing couple of days ...... everything was just perfect.......  the view, accommodation, meals and class room.Meeting Sylvia Pippen was a dream come true for me, she is such a caring and giving person.  She has inspired me to do more designing work and I can't wait to get started on a new project.  I'll send a photo of my retreat project when I finish it.  I would highly recommend any future retreats you plan as I am sure they will be just as successful.  I look forward to our trip to Japan next year ... PICK ME, PICK ME.... I can't wait and also going over to Hawaii to meet Kitty Pippen will be just as exciting.  I value your friendship and those of the other girls I met on the retreat..... and look forward to future workshops and retreats with Indigo Niche.  Thank you for a wonderful time.
    Lesli - Sylvia Pippen
    Indigo Niche Tamborine Mountain Retreat October 2011
  • Jill
    At the recent Melbourne Quilting and Craft Show I purchased a Sashiko table runner kit.  I had never seen them before and this has filled a small 'hole' for me to do  in the evening as I have a kitchen reno on and my quilting projects are packed up to avoid the dust.  I brought the kit to work and the staff were interested in it.  Also there will  be some Japanese students visiting us next week, so we may have something we can talk about with them.  My quilting class also loved the simplistic concepts.  Thanks for your time in showing me your completed projects  in Melbourne.  I love the embroidery.
    Kyneton VIC
  • Gez
    You both should be very proud of all the hard work you have put into your Business and your Web page is wonderful.  I will make sure that all my friends are advised of this exciting new site and your business.  You both deserve a big thank you from all us ladies who enjoy the fine fabrics which you now have for us.  Looking forward to seeing you in Brisbane.  Many thanks to you both. Lots of love to you both.
    Gold Coast
  • Jude
    If you have a passion for Japanese fabric as I do, then you must visit IndigoNiche.  The range of beautiful fabrics - colours,designs and textures is just fabulous and there is always more arriving! Also available are some stunning Aboriginal prints, bag patterns and sashiko threads and fabric and much more. Colleen and Sue provide loads of friendly service and advice.  So if you are interested in things Japanese a visit to IndigoNiche is a must.