Sashiko Fabric

Indigo Niche supplies both plain and pre-stencilled sashiko fabric.


These are ideal for projects where you will be tracing or transferring your own patterns. The ideal fabric to use for sashiko embroidery needs to be loosely-woven and medium-weight. For this reason, our plain range has been curated only to include linen and Japanese cotton fabrics that will deliver the best results for sashiko.


These are ideal for beginners or those who prefer the convenience of having patterns ready to stitch. Our pre-stencilled range features a range of traditional Japanese sashiko patterns already printed on the fabric as wash-away designs; simply stitch the desired portions and wash away the remainder.

Sashiko has traditionally been stitched using white thread on dark indigo fabric; Japanese peasant clothing tended to comprise hemp fabric dyed with indigo, and lighter-coloured thread was used to decoratively repair and reinforce the garments.

Contemporary sashiko allows for a broader scope of colour combinations in terms of fabric and thread.

In terms of contrasting the stitching against the fabric, it’s generally a good idea to favour light-coloured thread on dark-coloured fabric. (And vice-versa: dark-coloured thread against light-coloured fabric.)

If you want to add your own creativity to the process, experiment with different coloured fabrics, even chequered or striped fabric. Additionally, try experimenting with different coloured and variegated threads and see how they interact with the fabric you’ve chosen—your achievements are only limited by your imagination.

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