Boro Textiles

Everything you need for Boro Textiles, including kits, patterns and fabrics.

Boro is the practice of using sashiko stitching to reinforce a textile item using spare scraps of fabric, resulting in what we call Boro Textiles. For the peasants of Edo period Japan, it was necessary to get the maximum wear and use out of their clothing and bedding, so no scrap of fabric was ever thrown away.

Instead, the process of continual mending resulted in beautiful textiles. Over centuries, the practice of Boro has grown into a distinctively gorgeous textile art form.

As with sashiko, boro combines practical functionality with beauty. You can create fabulous-looking table runners, cushion covers, quilts, tote bags, even placemats—you are only limited by your creativity.

In addition to the kits and patterns available below, you’ll also find a number of loose-woven fabrics that display beautifully in boro textile projects.

For the best results, use a quality sashiko thread.

For a better understanding of Boro Textiles, please have a read of my Boro blog.

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