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Brolga Life Blue is a 100% cotton print fabric, which features a brolga bird design by Indigenous artist Nambooka.

About the design

The Brolga is a common wetland bird found in Australia which belongs to the crane family. It is also known as the Australian Crane.

In Aboriginal Dreaming, Brolga was originally a young girl who had an extraordinary dancing skill with peoples from various lands journeying to witness her prowess.

A jealous evil spirit spied Brolga and spun her away while she was practicing her dance. Family and friends of Brolga looked everywhere to find her until a beautiful bird appeared, stretching its wings and making moves that resembled Brolga.

This made the people realise that Brolga’s spirit had escaped form the evil spirit and had become the Brolga bird.

Nambooka evokes the moves and skill of Brolga in this design.

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Dimensions 10. x 10.0 x 4.0 cm





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