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Getting Creative With The Lola Girl Sashiko Panel

The Lola Girl sashiko panel is one of my favourite designs.

With its interesting take on the traditional Seven Treasures motif, it got me thinking about how it would look as a runner for my dining room table.

After completing the sashiko stitching, I chose a suitable Japanese backing fabric to subtly contrast the design. I chose an indigo cotton print fabric that featuring the Seven Treasures motif.

The results have exceeded my expectations, and the runner is now a permanent (and gorgeous) addition to my dining room.

For my table runner, I used:

On to the next project!



4 thoughts on “Getting Creative With The Lola Girl Sashiko Panel

  1. I love the panel Looking forward to when you are at the Brisbane Fair

    1. Hello Carole, Look forward to seeing you there. Colleen and Sue

  2. The table runner looks fabulous! Is it one or two panels joined?

    1. Hello Heather, Yes it is two panels joined together to get that great effect for a long table runner or a bed runner.

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