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New Sashiko Designs In Store

I’ve been quite busy experimenting with a variety of sashiko and boro design concepts for table runners, some traditional and some modern, two of which are now available in kit form.


sashiko runner crest motif
5 Motif Sashiko Table Runner

Five traditional Japanese family crests depicted in sashiko stitching. I’m very happy with this rustic type of striped fabric for bordering as I feel it both contrasts and complements the sashiko motifs beautifully and simply.


dragonfly sashiko runner design
Dragonfly Sashiko Table Runner

This runner actually began as a set of six Australian sashiko coaster dragonfly designs, which I stitched as a unified runner panel with a palette of red, white and yellow sashiko threads.  I think the cotton print fabric chosen for bordering looks fabulous.


I have a lovely boro runner coming soon to the store, which I recently previewed on Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like to see previews of new boro and sashiko designs that I’m working on, please consider following Indigo Niche on Facebook and Instagram.

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