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Making A Lovely Sashiko Table Cloth

I have just completed a sashiko table cloth for my balcony table… and I absolutely love the result.

One of my favourite sashiko motifs is Shippo-tsunagi, or Seven Treasures. I’ve used it in a number of my designs in a variety of different ways.

seven treasures sashiko design
Shippo-tsunagi (Seven Treasures) Sashiko design.

My table cloth uses a variation on the above design. I have dispersed the Seven Treasures sashiko motif across the fabric to create a specific geometric effect.

I chose to stitch my design onto indigo fabric using an off-white sashiko thread to get the best contrast.

You could experiment using a different colour of sashiko thread, a selection of different colours, or a variegated sashiko thread. It’s all down to how you feel creatively. (I personally love the way natural dyed colour threads look against indigo fabric.)

sashiko table cloth
Completed stitching the design on the fabric.


With the sashiko stitching completed, I decided to do some applique to attractively highlight the design.


applique on sashiko stitching
I included some applique to attractively highlight the design.


To finish off, I needed some backing fabric. I chose a Japanese cotton print fabric with an opposing colour pallette and modern patchwork design. (Part of the patchwork design on the backing fabric includes the Seven Treasures motif, which I think is a nice touch.)


I had a lot of fun with this project, and I hope this illustrates how enjoyable and rewarding a sashiko project can be.

– Sue

Are you new to sashiko? Learn more about it here:

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4 thoughts on “Making A Lovely Sashiko Table Cloth

  1. What a lovely table cloth such a simple design you have used you have really inspired me.

    1. Thank you Pat – It was the simplicity of this design that enjoyed – The applique was an after thought and I think it really adds to the design.

  2. A beautiful compliment to the finished project using the contrast backing so elegant Sue . You inspire the love of this wonderful art and traditional meaning of the culture of japan I am encouraged to indulge in another project from your provocation thank you Sharon

    1. Hello Sharon, Thank you for your kind words – I enjoy making simple things – this process responds beautifully to simplicity – please try another project – Cheers Sue

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